“I founded Triad so that I could provide clients with a place where they always come first and where I could implement my value-driven investment philosophy.”
– John Heldman, CFA

Welcome! I founded Triad in 2008, after 20 years managing money at several large, nationally-prominent investment management firms. I was ready to create a smaller, more intimate firm where I knew every client extremely well. A firm owned by investment professionals focused on investment management for a handful of clients, not thousands. A firm that could avoid the bureaucracy and distractions that sometimes arise in large, complex organizations.

Today we work with clients from a variety of backgrounds, some of whom I have had the privilege of working with for 10, 15, or even 20+ years. We have an old-fashioned belief in relationships based upon mutual trust and respect. Getting to know our clients is essential to a successful relationship. It’s especially important in volatile markets. We believe communication is critical to ensure that short-term events don’t derail your long-term goals and objectives.

While we love to welcome new clients, our first priority is to take care of our existing clients. Clients are the reason we are here, and we never take those relationships for granted. We’d love to discuss how we might work with you, and explore the many ways that we can make a difference in your financial life.


John Heldman, CFA
Founder, Partner & Portfolio Manager


How Triad Was Named

I founded Triad on three basic principles: Research, Behavior and Ethics. We believe in independent research conducted by portfolio managers and not Wall Street analysts. Triad sees investor behavior as the biggest contributor to active investment management. And, underpinning it all is the drive to make ethics a part of everything we do.